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Hadden, Albert K
Hadden, Charles B
Hadden, David K
Hagadorn, John A
Haggerty, Cornelius H
Haggerty, James F
Haggerty, John K
Haight, Eburn F E
Haight, Levi H
Haines, Charles G
Haines, Frederick K
Halcott, Nathan A
Haley, Lorenzo B E
Hall, David K
Hall, Jacob F
Hall, William H A
Hallard, James M (unassigned)
Halleck, James L G
Hallenbeck, William B G
Hallenbeck, William H C
Halsrick, George B I
Halstead, Bernard G
Halstead, George I
Halstead, John B
Halsted, Abram C A
Hamilton, Charles (unassigned)
Hamilton, James A
Hamlin, Dewitt A
Hammel, Gilbert D
Hammersmith, John F
Hammond, Isaac W F
Hammond, Richard S G
Hanaford, Abram B
Hanaford, John S B
Handlin, Patrick F
Handrihan, Patrick F
Hanks, Constant C K
Hanley, Ephraim G
Hanney, William (unassigned)
Hanord, John (unassigned)
Hansell, Charles K
Hapeman, William K
Hardenbergh, Charles H C
Hardenbergh, Jacob B * Colonel
Harding, John C
Hardy, Jacob B K
Haring, George A
Harkness, Abram T C
Harrington, Edwin A
Harris, Russell C A
Harrison, Joseph H * A
Hart, George W H
Hart, Henry C Drum Major
Hart, Levi D
Hart, William C
Hartman, Philip I
Hartman, William H
Hasbrouck, Benjamin D
Hasbrouck, Benjamin L C
Hasbrouck, Eugene E
Hasbrouck, James E
Hasbrouck, Mahlon A
Hason, John E * E
Hatch, James B
Hatch, James E B
Hatten, John B
Hauschlidt, Alvin A E
Hauschlidt, Otto G E
Hausfull, James E
Hayes, Addison S K
Hayes, Joseph (unassigned)
Haynerd, John E
Haynes, John G
Haynes, Louis G
Haynes, Nathaniel G
Haynes, Richard G
Hayt, Lewis F
Headiman, Daniel I
Heckenburgh, Samson D
Hein, Morris B
Heitzman, Simon K
Henderson, Alphonso A
Hendricks, J Tallmadge * G
Hendrickson, Henry (unassigned)
Heney, Francis G
Henry, John B
Henson, William I
Herigan, Jeremiah C
Hermance, Franklin C A
Hermance, John M G
Hermann, Alexander H C
Herrick, James B
Herring, Henry M I
Hetcel, John G
Hewett, Stephen A
Hewitt, James A
Hewitt, John W A
Hickes, Joseph (unassigned)
Hicks, Charles G
Hicks, Ephraim A
Higgins, Ebbin D
Higgins, James G
Higgins, John (unassigned)
Higgins, William F D
Higham, Edward A H
Hill, Alexander H C
Hill, Alonzo K
Hill, Egbert A
Hill, Eugene C
Hill, George P C
Hill, James H H
Hill, Joseph K
Hines, Henry P E
Hines, William F
Hinkley, Abraham C I
Hinkley, Augustus D
Hinkley, Charles H B
Hinkley, George D
Hitchcock, Alonzo G
Hitchcock, Luman C
Hoar, James D
Hoffman, William H B
Hogeboom, Chauncey G
Holcher, Victor G
Holmes, Asa K
Holmes, James E
Holmes, John (unassigned)
Holmes, McAdam H
Holmes, Phillip E
Holtz, Franz D
Hommel, Stephen I
Hood, Adelbert K
Hood, George K
Hood, John R (unassigned)
Hoody, Jacob K
Hooks, James K
Hoolst, Nelson C
Hoose, Abram A
Hoose, William A
Horn, Francis K
Hornbeck, John G H
Horner, John Ross * K
Horny, John G
Horton, Kimball E
Hotchkiss, Frank O F
Houghtaling, Richard E * G
Houghtaling, Stephen G
Houghtaling, Stephen D A
Houk, Peter F
House, G B
Howard, Asa C A
Howard, Byron H H
Howard, Daniel I
Howard, George I
Howard, John H (unassigned)
Howard, Stephen D G
Howard, Stephen D I
Howard, William H I
Hoyer, Henry B
Hoysradt, John S A
Hoysradt, Lyman * F
Hoysradt,Nicholas * F
Hues, Homer E
Huested, John H G
Hughes, Michael D
Hughes, Thomas F
Hughson, George L G
Hull, Aaron B G
Humphrey, Alexander G
Humphrey, Correl L * Assistant Surgeon
Humphrey, Robert H
Humphrey, Stephen H
Humphry, George G
Hungerford, William F K
Hungerford, William H D
Hunt, Cornelius D B
Hunt, Theophilus (unassigned)
Hurbert, Charles I
Hurst, Joseph B
Hutton, Adam B
Hutton, C B
Hyatt, Annias I
Hyatt, Thomas I
Hylan, Patrick I
Hylan, Thomas K
Hyzer, Jeremiah K



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